The best Heavy-Duty Attachments for Commercial Mowers

We recently saw the Ramos Rake and Plow, inaction - heard about it's great reputation. We decided to give it a try, and boy was I glad that I did! I never have to worry about Fall or spring cleanups again. My customers' yards looks healthy, clean and green 

- Ted Smith
I was one of the first to try the Ramos system for fall cleanup. It has been a pleasure, even in high winds. In the spring the rake stands up the grass and rakes out all debris without ripping the roots. It's a rake and a thatcher all in one! but, it doesn't have the problems associated with thatchers. Together they make me more profitable. 

-H.A. Gomez Landscaping. Maplewood NJ 

I work with two-man teams. The Ramos system enables these teams to handle any size job all year round in half the time. I love it." Emilio Columbo Landscaping 

- Orange NJ 

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